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Our ambition is to increase the skills of students and IT professionals

Our programs are continuous & practice oriented

More than 10,000 IT students each year in Lubumbashi, DRC, struggle to find a place to spend their academic internship. With new digital skills nowadays, our current education system no longer matches the skills demand of the job market, as a result many IT professionals are disqualified and their skills become obsolete. A real waste of money and time to have spent 5 years of study that you are not qualified to get a good job.

This is why Jovan Group Academia was set up to offer academic internship and continuing education programs for students and IT professionals to help them upgrade and update their skills.

Our academic internship programs for students and continuing education for IT professionals are practice-oriented, learner-friendly, flexible and competitive. Thus students will be able to validate their notes, reconcile practice with theory, improve their abilities and save time thanks to our internship program.

Les professionnels améliorent leurs compétences en le mettant à niveau et à jour, apprennent des nouvelles compétences relatives aux tendances du marché avec possibilité de maintenir leur emploi ou décrocher un bon emploi.


Academic internship

Spend your academic internships at Jovan Group with a practice program adapted to your level. Our academic internships are payable at $ 25 especially for those who lack places to spend their internship and there is the possibility of paying a deposit of $ 15 to start and settle the $ 10 before the end of the internship.

Vous bénéficiez :

  • Quotation of your internship sheet under closed cover for your university
  • An internet connection for your research
  • From a guaranteed coffee to the break
  • An adapted learning environment
  • Expertise from the Tech community for your research and professional preparation


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Provide career opportunities for everyone.

Jovan Group Academia training transforms the lives of students, professionals and communities through the power of technology, education and career opportunities. Accessible to everyone, wherever you are with competitive prices.

We're here to help you teach and learn even from a distance.

It is an extraordinary opportunity that awaits you. Technology is profoundly changing the world by connecting billions of devices and improving the way we work, live, play and treat our planet. And no sector is spared by this revolution! Are you ready to change your life and try to make the world a better place?

Choisissez un cours, mettez vos connaissances en pratique et devenez un professionnel de l'IT.

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As part of our professional training activity, we are constantly looking for new training consultants.




Les bases de l’informatique

Sécurité électronique


Automatisation de l’infrastructure

Internet des objets – IoT

Training Mode

Face-to-face and in person

The majority of our students take face-to-face lessons in our fully equipped training room. This is the best way to gain practical experience as you develop your professional skills. Do not wait any longer and get in touch immediately.

Online Training

Online courses adapt to the learning pace of each individual and follow the same curriculum as that taught in the classes of Jovan Group Academia.

Get a international certification

Beyond the lessons, our goal is to prepare you for a smooth entry into the job market. Find out how our courses align with certifications.

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